Monday, May 13, 2013


Result spm dah keluar, lepas result keluar pening kepala nak isi apa semua. Apa course la sangat yang sesuai. Phewww done that phase. Kena tunggu result on this friday. UPU.

Sebenarnya aku memang berharap sangat nak first choice aku tu asasi human sc. Lepas tu kalau dapat nanti degree nak major in political science/psychology. 

Tapi kalau nanti aku tak dapat first choice tu nak buat macam mana. It is His plan. Dia tahu apa yang sesuai dengan aku.

By the way, before this i had a dilemma. Between sixth form or just waiting for UPU results. My mom didn't really like the idea of going to sixth form but I did go. But just for a day.

Sekarang saya tahu, just listen to your mum's then your life will we just fine. Bukan macam aku, pergi sehari then mintak cancel nama because of sekolah tu tak best. anyway that was not the school that i got. i got one in kelantan. so it was awkward. 

no one was really interested in me. no one would asked my name. lol. so i just decided to quit. and i did. i'm waiting for upu. if i didnt get into uni i would make a plead. or just going to 'poli'. school life sucks.

and on this wed, i got an interview for IPG. Sejarah (sk) I didnt prepare much.. 

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