Saturday, January 18, 2014

new semester begins

Assalamualaikum everyone =D im glad to tell you that im in third semester. Alhamdulillah, the past semesters were great. i've met a lot of people around me and i think it was such a blessing  because during my school time i didnt have a lot of friends. i've been really shy and awkward but still the shyness and awkwardness havent really go away. hahaha

so, in semester 1. i've passed or exempted in english test and i dont have to take english anymore. meaning to say that im free from english classes. but i sill have to take arabic classes because i only managed to reach level 2. hopefully in this semester, i will exempted from arabic classes :) amin. so ive got alhamdulillah an A and a b+ for my core subjects.

then students normally would have a 3 month of semester break before moving to the next semester but i only got a month of holiday and went back early to cfs(centre for foudation studies) because in my study plan i was compulsory to take short semester. urgh. in short semester, students would normally took 2 subjects but this is an exceptional for graduating students. yes i took 2 subjects which were basic themes of al quran(university subject) and basic communication(core subjects) and alhamdulillah again i got an B+ and an A. hehe, many people said that btq was hard n i felt the same way but the ustazah actually had encouraged me a lot.

"if others can you also can but it needs effort"

thank you ustazah. and thank you too madam. learning communication was fun. a lot of fun.

and here in semester 3. im taking 5 subjects. insha Allah.

basic psychology
understanding islam
contemporary issues in the muslim world
critical and creative thinking skills
arabic level 2

actually it supposedly to be 4 subjects only but since i dont have english class, i added one subject from fnal semester to this semester. it's critical and creative thinking skills, so im all alone in that section. that section belongs mostly to second year students and i might be the only firs year student. im scared to death. i dont know that -,-

and this semester seems tough. ya Allah, may Allah ease everything. may Allah bless me with the knowledge, may Allah bless me with good mates.

oh yeah, in psych class we're in the same class with third intake students.... they are previously from matrik n  other universities. excellent and the girls are masha Allah beautiful. i feel so insecure. and the boys are mashaAllah, heard one of them talked in english. that accent bro that american accent. im out of their league.

and i have my eyes on this brother, he seems cute with his braces. i dont know his name, but my friend told me that his name got that syed thing. and he lived in dubai before his father is an engineer. pandai.
but this is it. only crushing. haha, nothing more cuz i dont know if he even realised my existence XDXD

I'm gonna keep quiet about this...... and hopefully the seniors are all nice to me. I hope, insha Allah.

let's rock this semester.

inshaAllah, the next semester could be my final semester. pray for me. Amin.

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