Sunday, April 6, 2014


found this somewhere, i feel chu sista.

 "Few days ago, my best friend told me that someone confessed his love to her. I don't know what to feel because i never experienced such situation before  I don't have pretty face and smile, nor curvy body. I could not say i am an average-looking girl, because i am lower than that. No, you do not have to tell me ""You are beautiful in your own way"". I asked my male best friend, what are the criterias of his dream girls? He replied ""kind and beautiful"". I am not surprised to know that someone as religious as him also concerns about the looks. Some of my friends have been promoting the idea of early marriage and showed me pictures of young married couples and i said ""if i were the guys i surely would wife the pretty ladies. Kalau kau boleh tunjuk gambar macam ni tapi wife dia biasa2, tak cantik sgt, that'd be great"". And they failed to do so. Isn't it obvious that EVERY GUY in the world would fall for pretty girls regardless her attitudes and deen strength?

I am not trying to drag the other average girls out there into my level of mentality. But if you have your own way to keep your self-esteem high, share with me in the comment box. And please, don't say anything about being ugly if you already have flawless skin smoky eyes pointy nose nice lips and charming smile, because i don't have ANY OF THESE. "

 I can relate myself to you because I had been feeling depressed about that issue few years ago. But girl, tak cantik tak apa, if god has taken something away from you, he will compensate another thing to you. Maybe we are not born to be in the group where general definition of pretty stands but we have other talents that the pretty girls are lacking off. No one is perfect in everything. You have your strength and your weaknesses. Observe yourself to see which area you are strong in i. e. intelligence, photographic memory, good vocal, artistical talent or anything other than beauty. Enhance that strength so that you will be proud of yourself and get over the physical traits

 i feel u girl *virtual hugs*. i have many friends who are either married,getting married,engaged or in a relationship,got confessed to and all of them are pretty,and i even wonder so many times,am i still single because i'm not that pretty?i know people said beauty is in the eye of the beholder etc but when nobody ever say u are pretty then that surely means something.but i think i grew out of that.being pretty is NOT the most important thing  to confessor,i would like to share so many things with u so it is ok if u want to pm me  take care and have more confidence in yourself ok

 Beauty will fade. What makes a husband to stay with her wife forever is not because of her looks but because of her kind heart.

He knows that his wife's pretty looks will soon fade as she grows old, but he knows that her kind heart will remain forever.