Sunday, January 10, 2016

Great news!

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone! :)

Actually nothing much happened to me during these past days except that I'm struggling with my final exam. for this semester i took 18.5 credit hour equivalent to seven subjects. I'M ALMOST DEAD BUT NAHHH still 

What I hate the most when it comes to finals? When I actually have read that particular topic but when I was in the hall I hardly could recall anything it was so fishing annoying :( besides seeing others focusing on their answer meanwhile my mind was shifting to another place then bammmmmmmm I just wrote whatever that I felt right?

I know :( it sucks. terribly. 

But there's something that cheered me up for a bit. it's because of e-gift cards! say what!!! What is e-gift cards by the way? hold up guys. Wow let me tell all of you about this e-gift cards. take a deep breath. 


lets go

It's about E-gift cards!!! Now even Zalora has offered the e-gift cards. Let's check this out.

So E-Gift Cards are used just like regular Gift Cards online or in stores. This also means that it is the newest way and also the way of the future for online shopping.You can easily buy and own it. It could not get any better than this!! I'm so hyped up for this. Of course there are many benefits for this e-gift cards.


Everyone knows the existence of e-gift cards since online shopping has become the ‘IT’ thing in this modern era. However, some may know the use and benefits of purchasing e-gift cards. It may seem like an ordinary shopping voucher to shop at your favourite stores but it definitely is perfect for men and women to enjoy especially when they are on a tight budget. It cannot be denied that we have times when we do not have that many cash on us but still want to reward ourselves with new fashion items. This is where e-gift cards come in handy as you can enjoy shopping your saved gift card and get the items you want as long as the e-gift card is not expired.

Besides that, if you have a friend’s birthday coming on or even any special occasions, and have no idea what to give as gift to them, e-gift cards will be the perfect choice. Do some research on the sites or brands the person likes and purchase e-gift cards for them to shop online. This is definitely the perfect way if you are clueless on what to give a person as no one can ever resist the temptation of a free e-gift card to shop. 

 Other than that, e-gift cards allow you to stay within budget. For example, if you are afraid that you would shop over the budget you had set, e-gift cards is the way to go. You can buy a e-gift card with any amount available and only limit your items to reach the value amount of the gift card. It will absolutely help you only pick items which you can adjust the closest to the value of the e-gift card without ever worrying you overspend. If you are someone who loves fashion, ZALORA also offers a few choices of e-gift card values and you can purchase them immediately to experience a whole new online shopping experience.

whoah that's interesting right? it makes me feel like buying the e-gift cards for myself,lol, i know that sound pathetic but actually it does not. Hey, you can also buy this for someone else as it is a prefect gift for your friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, parents, family heyyyyyyyy or even your crush *blushing* 

so what are you waiting now?

let's buy ZALORA E-gift cards! 

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