Wednesday, February 10, 2016

second year first semester



i finally reached level 2 of my study! *excited* yay!!!!! actually in UIA the level of the studies will depends solely on Credit Hour. if your CH is not enough to reach certain level then you will stuck on the same level. for example, my classmate, she enrolled together with me but till now she is still on level 1, because for the first semester she only took the minimum CH which was 12 CH, and for the next semester she also took 12 CH. and for this semester, she is taking 15 CH. the CH for previous semesters that she took was only 24 CH, that was not enough to reached level 2. because to reach level 2 you need to obtained 31 CH and above. like mine, for the first semester i only managed to took 15.5 CH due to all the section for all subjects were closed and the management gave priority to seniors -.- and for last semester i took 18.5 that would sum up to 34 CH in total. that was enough to make me reached level 2.

so this semester is really scaryyyyy. because the core subjects are so damn hard >< 

i wonder if i could get dean's lists again ><

and my dream is to get at least 3.6 CGPA that would grant me FREE STUDY LOAN. i dont have to pay the loan that for almost rm 30 000 plus :( 

ergh. that scares me.

for this semester i'll be taking these subjects.

comparative politics
public administration
modern history of europe
science of quran
critical n creative thinking
islamic ethics
tilawah al quran 2


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