Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Taylor's University

Hey... zzz...
Before 2012 ended, I filled up Taylor's Entrance Scholarship 2013 using my trial result. And after a few days, they mailed me and informed that I got the scholarship. I was so speechless and didn't expect that. But anyway, I told my mum. And guess what? she said, jangan nak mengada-ngada pergi. hahahah

okayyyyyyy.. then buat tak tahu je lah. But semalam my adik kata, what if I can't get into public university~ meaning that I don't get any offer.. Mesti menyesal punya and i thought of the same way as her. 

damn me.

But kalau terima the offer, campus dia dekat lakeside campus.. and i must to get at least 5A's in my actual result but I think I can get that~ but if i didn't get that i must pay all the fees~ hahahaha kalau tak maintain cgpa lagi during foundation year and degree. 

Anyway. i'm hoping to get at least like my trial result for SPM ... and get into public university and doing foundation or diploma. as long as I get the place and I'm ok :)

and here's the mail that they sent to me. and goobye taylor's university



Anonymous said...

haha . dah minta ta jadi pergi pulak .

Anonymous said...

hey, may i know what's your spm forecast result that you use to apply?

shay said...

hey sorry for the late reply.

my forecast result was 9A's and a C.